Join Arkema’s Technical Polymers team at K 2019 as we celebrate the theme of extreme durability and sustainability. Visit Booth #6C57.

Come and meet the members of our growing team as we welcome Kepstan® PEKK to our portfolio of extreme materials. We will also introduce several new digital marketing tools as well as new developments on our main themes of durability and sustainability while outlining our ambitious expansion plans to support our growing customers. 

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New Digital Marketing Tools

Arkema will unveil a suite of new digital tools for its specialty polymer customers including a newly enhanced website, an advanced searchable materials database, and a series of instructional online video tutorials.


  • Arkema’s Technical Polymers website is now available in four languages – English, Chinese, Japanese, and most recently Korean. The enhanced website now also contains a section dedicated to sustainability solutions, where the user can browse through content related to our six major sustainability themes: Bio-based polymers, Durability in-use, Light-weighting, Recyclability, Sustainable markets (like clean energy), and Responsible Stewardship. There is a special focus on Arkema’s involvement in the Pragati project for sustainable castor farming in India. The new website also features a steady stream of webinar sessions that may be attended by the user in real-time or on demand.
  • The website also hosts an upgraded searchable materials database, which can be accessed directly at The database features new advanced features such as market and application search capability as well as the ability to search based upon specific features and performance properties. The database delivers not just technical data documents to the user, but also related multimedia content and relevant web pages.


  • Another new digital feature is Arkema’s “The ABC’s of Kynar® PVDF” video series. Users can browse through a series of three minute videos highlighting beginner, intermediate, and more advanced topics related to our flagship fluoropolymer family. View the series at


Durability and Long Service Life

Learn more about the latest addition to our family. Kepstan® PEKK is pushing the boundaries of ultra-high performance – especially in aerospace, oil & gas, and 3D printing applications. Now being produced in the USA and Europe. With a unique ability to tailor the crystallinity of the grade in order to design custom polymers designed specifically to meet precise application requirements, Arkema can design a portfolio of targeted offerings. Truly a polymer range for the extreme world!

New Innovation Announced for Kepstan® PEKK Resins for Deep Draw Thermoforming

Ultra performing PAEK (polyaryl ether ketone) resins are typically not easily thermoformed in thick gauge semi-crystalline form. Arkema is excited to introduce new Kepstan® PEKK resins specifically designed to make such parts with extreme performance properties.  This opens the door to a wide range of high performance parts such as large-scale galley and interior paneling for aircraft and rail interiors, electrical enclosures, and industrial component trays.

Through optimization of molecular weight and polymeric structure, Arkema has unlocked the full potential of a market historically limited to amorphous polymers. Using Kepstan® PEKK resin, it is now possible to produce large scale, deep drawn shapes with outstanding chemical, fire and thermomechanical resistance for aerospace, transportation, electronics, oil & gas, and many other demanding markets.

To effectively bring this technology to market, Arkema is working in close collaboration with Westlake Plastics (Pennsylvania, USA), an expert in high performance shape production, and specialty thermoformers CW Thomas (Pennsylvania, USA) and Plastiform (Thise, France). “We were experiencing thermoforming issues on thick gauges, as well as heat and chemical resistance limitations with existing materials,” explained Olivier Rodary, general manager, Plastiform. “By working together with Arkema on their Kepstan® PEKK material and by using a specific forming process together with engineered specialty toolings, we were able to achieve the forming of technical parts like never before. That will certainly help us to move several projects forward again,” commented Eric Lacker, technical manager, Plastiform.


Parts produced through this process will be demonstrated at the Arkema booth (Booth 6C57) at the upcoming K-2019 Fair in Dusseldorf, Germany, held from October 16-23.

A Celebration of Sustainability

Learn about our ongoing commitment to high performance sustainable bio-based polymers as we work with farmers in India to be more sustainable and more productive in castor crop farming. This supports our major investment in our flagship Rilsan® polyamide 11 platform in Singapore. We will also unveil a new recycling program to create a virtuous cycle for specialty polymers.

More to come on this topic!

Expanded Production Capacity

Learn about our ambitious expansion plans for polyamide 11 and 12, and Pebax elastomers. We continue to invest across the globe in order to supply our partner customers locally while serving them globally.

More to come on this topic!

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